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You know, people always ask me when am I gonna start to grow up. My question is, why would I ever wanna grow up? Aside from the perks of driving, owning property and etc etc. Growing up is about the worse thing you can do. Some people are meant to be adults, while others are just not happy with the whole white picket fence. Some people like to experience different things with out the hassle of getting married and starting a family. There’s nothing wrong with that. If that’s what makes you happy then ok. There’s nothing wrong with having very few friends, there’s nothing wrong if you like to party, there’s nothing wrong if you want a family or if you don’t. Everyone wants to live their life in a way that makes them happy. Forget the mold of life being: 1) go to college 2) Get a career 3) find a house 4) Marry someone 5) start a family 6) work the rest of your life and teach your kin how to grow up 7) retire 8) die.

If you wanna put traveling in there go ahead. If you never want a house go ahead and take that out. If you don’t wanna marry or have kids take that out too. If you don’t wanna go to college and start a company from the ground up, feel free. The point I’m making is that we are told to follow a list to be “successful and to have an easy living in the future.” the thing is things like Religion and eternal happiness like heaven were created because life is hard. But the difficulty in life of making your dreams come true is what makes it worth living. Don’t follow the steps. Follow what you want. If you never give up the passion you will succeed. 

Thank you Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter for teaching me this.

Here’s to never growing up.

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